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CJ Mirra

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CJ Mirra - Titles

This is the official soundtrack to a new audio-visual freesurfing experiment and movie called Translate. It is the latest collaboration with award-wining director Chris McClean and is touring as a live AV show. An ode to the raging North Atlantic, the album unites ethereal soundscapes and rising orchestral movements with sublime electronic excursions and lo-fi moments to transport the listener on an immersive and unrestrained journey across the continent. Collaborations with renowned surfer / musician Lee-Ann Curren, Robert Thomas and Charles Watson expand the album into new sonic territories from the previous soundtrack, Static.Translate, the live AV performance, had its sell-out world premiere at the London Surf / Film Festival where it won the prestigious Viewer’s Choice Award. It will be screening at the Paris Surf and Skate Festival at the end of September 2020. The album has been supported by Finisterre, Carve Magazine, Surf Girl and MagicSeaweed, the largest online surf platform.


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